Does my small business need cloud hosting?

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The volume of data businesses are storing is growing exponentially. As ecommerce continues to pick up popularity, financial records go digital, and employees access resources from mobile devices, secure online storage is vital to small business growth. Reliable access to these critical records and materials becomes key to your business success. Cloud hosting could be the answer.

That’s where the cloud comes in. Cloud storage is the way of the future.

Small business benefits of cloud hosting

If your small business is like many others, you either outsource IT or have a small team managing IT infrastructure. Chances are the IT team is supporting a wide range of resources, and struggling to manage time. The cloud can remove the burden from the team,  as cloud hosting is fully managed by an offsite team of cloud hosting experts.

Small businesses are also relying on cloud providers for a number of benefits:

  • Secure, redundant data backup services
  • Customizable, high-quality infrastructure
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reliable support
  • Immediate upgrades
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Lower costs

Cost and cash flow are often the most significant benefits to small businesses transitioning to the cloud. With pay-as-you go options, and the opportunity to scale cloud solutions up or down as needed, no upfront investment is required.

Can I roll out a cloud solution piece-by-piece?

If you’re concerned about budget or security in transitioning to the cloud, you can always take an incremental approach. Cloud providers offer the best online storage backup, so converting from onsite tape backups to cloud storage can be a great first step. This will provide time for your confidence to grow in your cloud experiment, and to understand the impacts on your business.

Many cloud hosting subscribers start with a cloud backup solution, then add file sync and sharing, remote desktop and network services as they grow.

Don’t feel you need to migrate to the cloud all in one shot! Take your time to manage your security concerns and to accommodate your budget requirements.

What services are included?

A Canadian Cloud Host, like HostedBizz, takes care of your journey to the cloud so you can take care of your business.

Full-service cloud providers offer:

  • Planning for physical and virtual server migrations
  • Provisioning for physical and virtual server migrations
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data seeding
  • Data transfer

At HostedBizz, we design enterprise-grade cloud solutions and manage your data migration. Leaving your small business to focus on the activities integral to your business success

Cloud services. Not just for large enterprises anymore.

Are you curious about the cloud, but need a little more information to make the transition?

HostedBizz provides professional expertise to design, implement and optimize your cloud IT solutions. Our customized services address your requirements for reliability, security, performance, scalability and flexibility so you can be free from the hassle of IT. Contact our client development team for more information!

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