Cloud Facts All Small Enterprises Should Know

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Small enterprises are adopting cloud computing at exponential rates. For good reason: small enterprises who migrate to the cloud experience higher rates of growth and profitability compared to their peers who maintain on-premise hosting.

At HostedBizz, we understand that the prospect of data migration can overwhelm any small enterprise leader. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 facts & figures to help decision makers understand the value of cloud migration.

Cloud Facts & Figures

  1. Total cloud computing market size
  2. Cloud computing adoption rates
  3. Small and medium business cloud usage
  4. Cost savings
  5. Security improvements

Cloud Fact 1: Cloud Computing Market Size

Cloud computing continues to grow globally. Use of cloud infrastructure is expected to grow to $206 billion in 2019. As enterprises adopt cloud-based solutions, multicloud and hybrid cloud approaches will continue to bolster the growth/profitability of cloud computing. 

Worldwide Public Cloud Service Revenue Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)

  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) 42.2 46.6 50.3 54.1 58.1
Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) 11.9 15.2 18.8 23.0 27.7
Cloud Application Services (SaaS) 58.8 72.2 85.1 98.9 113.1
Cloud Management and Security Services 8.7 10.7 12.5 14.4 16.3
Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) 23.6 31.0 39.5 49.9 63.0
Total Market 145.3 175.8 206.2 240.3 278.3

Cloud Fact 2: Cloud Computing Adoption Rates

Approximately 93 percent of businesses are now using cloud technology.

  • 88 percent of businesses are using public cloud technology (multi-tenant hosting in the cloud).
  • 63 percent are using private cloud (proprietary hosting in the cloud)
  • 82 percent have a hybrid cloud strategy (mix of multi-tenant and proprietary hosting)

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, cloud providers are expected to offer architecture expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and deployment capabilities in multiple environments.

As such, the global size of the cloud market becomes much bigger than the technology infrastructure alone. It also involves extensive expenditure on professional services in order to secure the best possible knowledge and expertise from a provider.

Cloud Fact 3: Small Enterprise Cloud Usage

Migration to the cloud minimizes IT related headaches and expenses.

By moving resources to the cloud, your small enterprise frees up time to think about technology strategically. According to Microsoft, 60 percent of business clients move to the cloud to free up IT resources. 90 percent of businesses indicated that their IT department saw ‘one area of improvement’ after migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Fact 4: Cost Savings

Migration to the cloud cut IT infrastructure costs.

Costs associated with server maintenance, facility heating and cooling, software licensing, and upgrade expenses can quickly eat into an IT budget. By taking an ‘as a service’ approach to IT infrastructure, small enterprises can cut costs associated with fixed expenses. Instead, they pay a monthly fee based on services used.

With the help of a seasoned cloud service provider, your small enterprise can budget for future IT expenses with greater accuracy. Understanding usage, growth requirements and future demands can also give your small enterprise a better understanding of IT Capacity.

When small enterprise find cost savings from their migration to the cloud, they can focus on product development and enterprise growth. 70 percent of small enterprises reinvested cloud savings to focus on innovation.

Cloud Fact 5: Security Improvements

According to a survey by Microsoft, 62 percent of respondents indicated their privacy protection increased as a result of moving to the cloud.

Privacy is not the only security related issue addressed by moving to the cloud.

Small enterprises experience recovery times four times faster when their data is stored in the cloud. In the unfortunate scenario when disaster strikes, data can be restored to business units significantly faster than it could be when stored on traditional hardware backups. That means a small enterprise can get back to business more quickly.

We Take Care of the Cloud. You Take Care of Business.

Small enterprises who find the right balance of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions gain a unique cost, security and strategic advantages. Refer back to these cloud facts when contemplating your move to the cloud.

If your small enterprise is looking to make the move, but still hesitant about the process, HostedBizz can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you with your migration.

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