Building Your Brand Through Cloud Services

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As the owner of an MSP or VAR, you’ve invested countless hours (and capital) developing your brand. Your unique, value-added approach to delivering IT solutions and support is what differentiates your business and is essential to engage and retain your clients.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of building your cloud sales practice and joining one of the most prolific shifts that the IT industry has experienced in decades. In a recent article published by Channel Partners, Larry Walsh, CEO of the 2112 Group, is quoted saying:

“The mistake many channel partners have made and continue to make is basing their value on the brands of their vendors and service providers…Companies that are defined by another company’s value remain exposed to risk and disruption.”  

The additional benefit of creating your cloud sales practice is the opportunity to enhance your company’s service offering through a branded cloud service platform. The advantage of using a cloud infrastructure like HostedBizz is it enables MSPs and VARs to build their own branded cloud services and storefront and, manage them through a dedicated portal. This means the focus is on your business, not a manufacturer or service provider. By offering a suite of cloud IT products and solutions tailored to your clients’ needs, and specific to your business, elevates the focus on your company and creates greater differentiation.

The evolution of your business will be heavily influenced by the current growth of cloud services throughout the industry. We’re focused on helping our channels build their cloud brand to ensure they leverage the growing business opportunities that exist in Cloud IT.

Jim Stechyson

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