5 Benefits of using a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Among business uncertainty and adapting to new precautions to keep their staff safe, organizations have been overwhelmed with potential security threats. 

It seems that nowadays, no organization is safe. Cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent with blue-chips and government entities. CEOs are losing their jobs, stock prices are plummeting and customers have abandoned much loved brands because of their information security weaknesses. 

That’s why many are seeking highly trained experts at Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to manage, control and protect their users. We have identified 5 key benefits to working with an MSSP:

1) Enterprise Grade Security Technology

Even for organizations with premium budgets to buy the best technologies or operate the most advanced security operation centers, the biggest challenge is implementing a layered defence solution. A layered solution requires many different software programs with different access points. Multiple layers of tools are often difficult to synchronize and generate their own logs and alerts, which then becomes very difficult to manage and  analyze. MSSPs handle this process seamlessly and can solve the challenge of synchronization .

This may sound complex but enlisting the help of a security provider, you can rest assured that with their years of expertise, robust SLAs and terms of service, your organization can be protected against all manner of threats. 

2) Less Downtime

The one key benefit of using a security company is that you won’t notice that you’re using a security company. There will always be monitoring and management going on in the background. Enterprise level threat intelligence will mean that detection and response will be so quick, that you won’t notice your security was nearly breached.

This means that it’s unlikely for you or your employees to experience any downtime or the adverse effects of a hack. The intrusion detection will alert your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and they will fix the issue right away. 

3) Cost Effective 

With continuous threat detection and management and monitoring, it’s hard to believe that it will save your organization money in the long run. Think about if you wanted to run a highly secure IT estate and what the costs would be of highly trained security professionals. 

4) Better Control of Remote Workers

remote working security

With the current global situation, it’s clear that many of our employees are working from home. This sounds great in theory – giving them a seamless experience as they work remotely meaning less disruption and more BAU. In practice however, this presents many new network security threats. 

According to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations report by Verizon,  81% of breaches involve compromised credentials. Using a MSSP, you can set up 2 factor authentication in order to restrict access to your virtual private network. Using sophisticated monitoring and management tools provided by your MSSP, you can also understand end user behaviour and educate them accordingly. For example, if a particular individual has a tendency to click on phishing emails, you can quickly identify this threat and educate them to be more cautious. 

5) Give your organization resource to focus on “business”

With ongoing threats hitting all levels of organizations and the expected fallouts of a poor cyber security. Organizations are pumping millions of dollars into security architectures. This fear and obsession of keeping businesses secure is hindering business performance. 

This is welcome news for security professionals who have been pushing for organizations to take security seriously. It shouldn’t only be a technical issue but a business focus as well to ensure all employees know how to behave securely. However, it needs to be managed in a way that leaders are still focused on the mission of the company.  

Allowing a Managed Security Services Provider to take the reins of the cyber strategy allows your organization to focus on growth which at the moment is more important than ever. 

HostedBizz enables MSSPs and MSPs to provide their clients with best in class data protection services.  We work closely with our MSP partners to ensure their client data is safe and secure in our 100% Canadian cloud.  To find out more about our cyber security offerings for MSSPs and MSPs, visit our site, or get in touch with our team today.

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