6 Reasons Small Enterprise Should Migrate to Cloud Hosting

With an increase in data flowing throughout organizations and across the internet, secure data storage is becoming increasingly complicated. Gone are the days when in-house servers could handle a small enterprise’s data load. A decision to migrate to the cloud solves the growing need for secure storage, while offering the added benefits of reduced technology costs and increased infrastructure flexibility.

Your small enterprise may already be using cloud computing, without even realizing it. Gmail, Dropbox, FreshBooks, and even LinkedIn are all cloud-based applications. Think of the cost savings these services provide to your small enterprise!

The 6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Now imagine offering the same level of convenience and flexibility across your small enterprise, while increasing the security and controls. Cloud computing can do that. Curious about how? Read on to learn more to understand why our small enterprise should migrate to the cloud.

Cost savings

The cloud bears none of the traditional infrastructure costs of hosting. In fact, it alleviates the costs of buying, maintaining and upgrading equipment. Why not rely on a partner to manage these requirements, and focus on your business? You’ll only pay for features your small enterprise needs. The pay-as-you go model means you can scale your hosting solution up and down, depending on your business needs. Meaning you can adapt from season-to-season without significant sunk costs.


Cloud hosting removes data storage from your premises. Data backup services are provided in a cloud host’s offsite data centre. Concerned that your small enterprise data will be at risk? Don’t be! Your cloud host will customize your security settings to meet your organization’s reporting and regulatory needs. In fact, 94 percent of business saw an improvement in security after migrating to the cloud.

Disaster recovery

While your small enterprise can’t anticipate disasters, you can take steps to quickly recover from them. Cloud-based services allow for speedy data recovery after disaster – including natural disasters and power outages. While 20 percent of cloud users claim disaster recovery in four hours or less, only 9 percent of non-cloud users could claim the same recovery time.


As employees grow increasingly reliant on mobile technology, they expect to access work-related services from their mobile devices. From cell phones to tablets to laptops, remote access is in demand for enterprises of all sizes. Cloud hosting ensures that data can be securely made available, increasing the possibility for productivity – and even a competitive edge – in the small enterprise. If you can respond to client requirements more quickly than a competitor, mobile access is worth its weight in gold.

Document control

Cloud hosting can provide document-level permissions, allowing your small enterprise to maintain a clear record of any revisions or updates. Document control also ensures a consistent approach to document versioning, data consistency, and the ability to roll a version back in the case of human error. In a world where content is king, this level of control promises the flexibility and reliability key to the success of a small enterprise.


Cloud hosting offers small enterprises much greater flexibility compared to on-premise hosting. Need extra bandwidth? A cloud-based service can quickly be scaled up or down. No complicated IT infrastructure updates required. Better yet, your IT staff can focus on immediate business needs while your cloud host focuses on data security and storage. This impacts the overall efficiency of your organization.

Find your competitive edge with cloud hosting

Large enterprises have adopted cloud computing with great levels of success. Studies show that 77 percent of businesses feel cloud technology gives them a competitive advantage. Now that cloud hosting is growing in popularity with smaller enterprises, take the leap to online data backup services to gain a competitive edge.

To learn more about how HostedBizz can help your small enterprise migrate to the cloud. Contact our Customer Support team today. We can help plan your migration, and offer a range of solutions that will help your small enterprise leverage a competitive edge.

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