5 Benefits of Hosting ERP in the Cloud

Many businesses are reluctant to outsource the management of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Often complex and difficult to maintain, the traditional ERP solution is costly and resource heavy. Why not explore what it would take to move it to the cloud?  Here are some key benefits:

1. Faster Implementation

The technical environment for ERP can be configured and deployed in as little as 24 hours. This means that systems can be implemented faster than traditional on premise set ups. For a business, this offers valuable time to focus on the business side of digital transformation.

2. Cost Savings

ERP Systems are an integral part of any retail business and before cloud capabilities, these were significant investments. The system would need to sit on hardware and be maintained by a skilled technician. The hardware of course comes with all the issues of end of life planning, keeping it secure and ensuring its sufficiently backed up.

Once your ERP system is in the cloud, although there is a subscription model, the costs are significantly lower. Capital investment no longer needs to be budgeted for, and can be reinvested elsewhere in the business.

3. Business Continuity

How much money can your business afford to lose if your ERP system goes down? As ERP is connected to transactions and shipping of your product/service, it is likely that it is a critical application that needs to be protected.

When hosting ERP with a cloud provider, you can benefit from a high availability strategy where it is always online. Even if the rest of your business needs to shut down and work elsewhere, you can choose to have ERP running continually.

An on premise ERP system with a traditional backup plan is costly to maintain and can not be recovered at the speed of a cloud solution.

4. Greater Security

It is a significant investment to upkeep an enterprise worthy security strategy. Luckily, cloud vendors and MSPs have invested in that model for you and you can simply purchase a piece. Some CIOs are still worried about hosting critical applications with another provider but the truth is, cloud providers have too much to lose. They are of course, popular targets for hackers so ensuring their security strategy is robust is a key element in their business model.

Passing over the responsibility of keeping your ERP system secure can take a huge weight of a business’ shoulders.

5. Better Service for your customers

Hosting ERP in the cloud offers you the opportunity to create a dynamic and scalable environment. Bearing this in mind, you can explore data analytics and business intelligence software to review your processes and give your customer a better experience.

Automation is easier to implement as you can tweak changes to the environment to suit processes. With automation, comes consistency.

In business terms, this will improve your delivery estimations while maximizing the number of orders that can be successfully processed in a single day. The standard of service will be consistent, and customers will all receive their orders precisely when they expect to receive them.

If you are looking for a cloud based ERP system that is hosted within the HostedBizz cloud, take a look at our partner Aralco . If you need something a little more specific to your business requirements, we can review your set up and assist you with hosting your system in the cloud.

HostedBizz has helped many organizations successfully move their ERP to a cloud hosted model.

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Paul Butcher is Co-Founder of Canada's fastest growing cloud company. Prior to founding HostedBizz in 2012, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of Mitel Networks. He has over 30 years experience in driving strategic growth and creating change within channel centric technology markets.