4 Ways to Protect Data Against Ransomware Attacks

Hacked software vendor, Kesaya is currently experiencing one of the largest ransom attacks in history. This has affected 1000’s of businesses worldwide, and the scale and damage is still under review. Hacker group REvil has demanded $70M in ransom, while Managed Service Providers are scrambling to mitigate client downtime.

Ransom attacks happen every 17 seconds.

Data protection is not an option, but a necessity. How to protect your data?

  • Backups – we can’t stress this one enough. Data cannot be recovered if it has not been backed up. Additionally, test these backups regularly, to ensure they are running smoothly.  Ransom payments typically cost more than an investment a good backup solution.
  • Detection and response – monitor for anomalies on your network to catch them before they become a problem. Use an alerting system that will enable IT teams to act fast in the event of a cyber incident.
  • Access management – lock down sensitive files, use two factor authentication, and enforce strong password use policies within your workforce.
  • Employee awareness – ensure your team knows how to spot a phishing scam, test their cyber security knowledge and make it simple for them to alert your IT team when they see something that may be a threat. Your employees are a great extension of your monitoring and  alerting system, if properly trained.

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