Canadian Data Centers

Leverage 100% Canadian Cloud across our Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Interconnected with redundant fiber network, HostedBizz provides customers with fast, direct connectivity across Canada.

Our Uptime Institute designed and certified Tier III data centers guarantee 100% uptime, eliminating the day-to-day grind of IT maintenance, upgrades and security concerns.

Unbeatable Security and Reliability

Critical data is protected by leading edge security features like CCTV surveillance, multi-factor biometric security access and sophisticated 24/7 alerting and monitoring.  

A Fully Tailored Data Center Experience

Our fully trained technical staff are available 24/7 to provide assistance with your data center management needs. Whether clients choose to co-locate in our data center, or choose a fully managed data center setup, our team is there to help every step of the way. 


Secure your infrastructure and data in a safe, guarded facility. Ensure uptime by eliminating the risk of overheating, power or network outages. Easily scale your infrastructure for the future, leveraging full-rack, multiple-rack private suites and cross connectivity to the HostedBizz Cloud IaaS.

Private Cloud

Private cloud builds with optional data center cross connect or MPLS to HostedBizz Cloud IaaS including Express Route for Azure. Available as a fully managed private cloud infrastructure including all warranty, OS and other software licensing, hardware maintenance, firmware and virtualization level updates & patching.

Public Cloud

Lower costs by shifting to a predictable, monthly OpEx model with pubic cloud builds from HostedBizz. Improve operational efficiency with fully elastic compute resources deployed on enterprise grade virtual infrastructure that can be provisioned in minutes.  Hybrid deployments also available.

Datacenter Management & Control

All our data centres are monitored 24/7 by trained technical staff and a dedicated on-site access control system. We also cover the below as standard. To find out our specifications in a particular datacenter, please complete the form for more information.


• CCTV surveillance
• Multi-zoned, fire suppressant system
• Sophisticated alerting and monitoring equipment
• Multi-factor, biometric security access


• Outside ambient air cooling, evaporative cooling and mechanical chilling systems with N+1 redundancy
• Steam and ultrasonic humidification systems


• Redundant power grid feeds
• A/B Power to every cabinet
• N+1 UPS and continuous run diesel generators


• Multiple fiber entrances
• Multiple Tier 1 carriers present with failover
• 1Mbps to multi-gigabit transit services available

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